Days 1 & 2

My first couple of days at HolidayCheck went really well, my first impression of the company was really great!

Upon arrival at HolidayCheck, I was greeted by current and former software engineer apprentices. After short introductions, I was shown to my desk. My equipment was all set, and I even recieved some gifts from the company! I was then introduced to everyone that Peri and I could find. There are many people and many names... but the "National Specialties BBQ" helped me familiarize myself with some of the employees.

I got the chance to spend a lot of time with my PPM, Alvaro, throughout the day. He answered all the questions I had (and I'm sure many more to come), talked about his experience at HolidayCheck, and made me feel really comfortable with the whole onboarding process.

The rest of my time is spent going through a checklist of tasks from Wolfram, which consists of various things from exploring Logbook to organising a social event. I think I am making pretty good progress. Some of my tasks for the week are create a blog, write a blog post every day, and start a self-organization method. The self-organization method will take some research and consideration (right now I am just using the Notes app to keep track of things I want to accomplish today)... so more on that later.

My plans for the rest of the day are to add my blog to HolidayCheck's apprenticeship page, complete the self assessment, and ENJOY THE WEATHER!

Everyone has been super friendly and open, which has made the transition of starting a new job in a new country extremely pleasant. I'm excited for what is to come!

Bis Morgen:)

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